Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Kills Love

Love is as a tender and delicate flower that needs to be handled with most care because if love gets hurt, that flower may lose the petals, since if you don't pay attention and if you don't take care with devotion, love will dry because what kills love is distance and loneliness

-Art and Writings to Nourish Your Soul by Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Healing Quotes. Inspirational. For Reflection

Life is more than a race, it is the path where you’ll learn to transform tears into smiles, loneliness into companionship and desolation into unconditional, perfect Love

Happiness happens, when the heart is at peace, not only with our own tranquility, but besides, as part of a commitment of Love towards everything in the universe.
If I didn't have dreams, I would be as a piece of marble, which has not been sculpted. As a field, that was never cultivated. As a bird that never learned how to fly.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Heart of Stone

The look of that person, speaks to me about a lost world, hurt feelings, deep confusions, a wounded heart.
It is a soul who goes around in the world, suffering and crying out that his heart is of stone. It does not want, not for a moment to sense what he feels. It is a force that burns, drowns and accuses. He surrenders in his heart to the greatest terrible expressions. And he says to himself: ” I do not want to feel, to live, I do not want that the most powerful force of the universe touches me with its light.

My past frustrations plunged me in the darkness, where, I have the security of the nothing. I have a heart of stone, which is harder than steel, colder than a universe of ice because I keep in it a secret, a secret of Love, which I want to contain, to trap, to asphyxiate because it reminds me that I have life, that there is blood under my skin, that the passion raises me, that the desire consumes me and the tenderness fascinates me. But I chain myself and at the same time, I escape. I fill myself with thorns, I surround myself with monsters and I get together with trash. And in this way, I allow to feel the dignity. I bury myself under everything and under nothing. I want to hide my face because I want to flee from True Love.

My heart is of stone, it has become hard and even in front of the powerful ones, its power is stronger because I do not want to let know that an angel of light inhabits inside.

My heart is of stone and to my surprise, it is a transparent diamond, where the light is reflected. This light liberates me of doubts and fears and I can no longer avoid it; this heart of stone is a heart of light. It is translucent and crystalline. I can’t avoid it since the tear of Love has penetrated deeply and only in it and through it, I will know the reality of my being. My heart is of stone, of a precious stone, which wants to surrender, you only have to come and look for it.”

-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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